Setting Up a Facebook Page for Your Business and Granting Us Access

One of the things we include in your social media package is the setup of your company page in Facebook.  Here are a few tips about how that works:

First, you need a personal Facebook account.

Facebook is strict with their terms of service. You as an individual are only allowed one Facebook account. You can add pages and groups – as many as you want – to your personal account.

If you want us to add your company page, we’ll need access to your personal Facebook account.  If you want to set it up yourself, you can add a business page that you own.

In either case, you should always be the Owner of your own business page.  Don’t let any marketing person own your stuff.  Once you’re owner, you can grant other people roles on the page so they can contribute. We need to be added as Admin role to your page so we can connect apps and post your content on your page.  Here’s step-by-step how to do that.

  1. In Facebook, navigate to your page.
  2. Look for Settings in the top right area of your page in a horizontal menu and click it.
  3. You’ll see a vertical menu on the left. Look for Page Roles and click it.
  4. Add Sandi Leyva as an Admin. Make sure it’s the right Sandi Leyva. Then email me and let me know you’ve done it so we can check it.

Once you’ve added us as Admin on your page, we no longer need your personal Facebook password.

You must have a business page in order to post business content.  Facebook frowns on people who post business items on their personal pages.

Facebook is now all about engagement. The more you can do to connect with people, comment on others’ posts, and invite people to like your page, the better results you’ll get.