Changes in Social Media Services

We have three new announcements regarding our social media package services:

1. Instagram add-on.

Instagram posting is not currently included in the Social Media Starter package for cost reasons, but we realize Instagram is an important channel, and some of you don’t want to go up to Pro to get it.

We are offering a $25/month add-on for those of you who are current Social Starter subscribers and want us to add Instagram posting to your Social Starter services. Just email us your consent and your IG user ID and password to get started.

NOTE: If we are already posting to your Instagram and you are on an old Social Starter or Digital package, nothing will change for you. We will continue posting to your Instagram at the same rates you signed up for originally.

2. Social Platinum – our newest level of service.

We’ve added a $299/month social media package for those of you who want a higher level of engagement along with your content posts.

The added benefits of Platinum over Pro include:

  • More engagement: send us your client list and we’ll create lists inside Twitter and Facebook where we’ll follow, like, comment, and retweet as you. You can also periodically send us lists you have access to, such as Chamber memberships, BNI groups, and more.
  • We’ll be joining groups based on your guidelines as well as suggesting twitter chats you can attend when time permits.
  • A quick monthly check-in where we share ideas and content to increase engagement
  • 2 more posts per week
  • Extra channels like Pinterest

I’m only going to take about half a dozen clients at this price, then I’ll go up to $349/month on any new clients after that. Email us if you want to upgrade; you can see our new Platinum package here:

3. Social Media Starter price increase only on new subscriptions.

The price for Social Media Starter is now $119 per month, but only for new subscriptions. We try hard not to go up on existing client subscriptions. If you’re locked in at the $99/month, your monthly charge will stay the same.

We very much appreciate your continued business.