Online Appointment Scheduling

Have you ever seen a website hat had a big fat, “Schedule an Appointment Now” button? You can have one of those too. Adding a scheduling feature to your website can help to increase prospects as well as streamline customer service.

There’s an App for That

Scheduling apps come in all shapes and sizes, and you will need one in order to have this feature on your website.

I’ve listed a few below; a few of which I haven’t checked out myself yet. You can also Google online appointment software to see what comes up.


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Here are some of the things to look for when selecting your scheduling software:

  • Is it compatible with the type of calendar you use?
  • Do you need it to look at multiple calendars or just one?
  • Does it handle time zone conversion?
  • Are you able to block off times and/or set certain hours?
  • Does the app look to make sure there are no conflicts on your existing schedule?
  • Are you able to set up appointment lengths and descriptions?
  • What does the user see when trying to schedule a meeting?
  • What kind of email confirmation does the user receive?
  • Does the app send meeting reminders?
  • What data is collected from the user, and how is it passed to you? If you screen prospects, are you able to screen them using this software?
  • Do you want the software to collect money before the appointment is scheduled?
  • Do you need this for yourself or also your team members?
  • Is the app worth the price?
  • Is there support? Is it via email or phone? What are the hours of support?

Hopefully those questions will help you choose the right software for you. Once you get yours selected, let us know and we’ll get it put on your site.